Enhancing Women Economic Opportunities in Jordan Operation


Starting Date

 March 26, 2024

End Date

 June 30, 2028


  US$ 226 Million (US$ 5 Million IPF/Grant)

Type of Program

  Loan | IPF

Program Development Objective:

To address constraints that women face to enter and stay in the labor force related to workplace conditions, financial inclusion, transportation and childcare.


Jordanian women’s participation in the labor market is among the lowest in the world at 13.5 percent in Q3-2023, compared to 52.7 percent for men. Furthermore, women face specific constraints to a larger extent than men related to access to quality childcare, safe public transportation, financial inclusion, and entrepreneurship. 

The Operation's instrument is a PforR with an Investment Project Financing (IPF) component. This choice of instrument reflects the Operation’s primary goal to supports the implementation of government reforms and priorities that contribute to increasing women’s economic activity outlined in the Economic Modernization Vision (EMV) and Engendered Strategy.

The Program supports three Result Areas (RAs):


icon Better and more adaptive workplace conditions for women (Support implementation of recent legal reforms conducive to a better workplace; including the flexible work and sexual harassment. and support the launch of the National Gender Equality Seal for the private sector)


icon Women increased financial inclusion and entrepreneurship (Expand women’s financial asset ownership & control through bank accounts, basic bank accounts, e-Wallets and loans. Also, enhance women’s entrepreneurship, focusing on women-owned businesses).


icon Safe public transportation (Develop and adopt an implementation plan to enhance women’s access and use of public transport. Also, define modernized, climate-resilient standards for bus stops, and implement as pilot) 


icon Expanded access to affordable, quality childcare services (System coherence: National Childcare Policy; Quality: care worker certification; Expansion strategy for childcare, based on piloting results; Expand and evaluate childcare support models to unemployed and working women, supporting and connecting demand and supply)

Collaboration & evidence HUB for innovation & implementation support

To support the GOJ in the implementation of the Program, contributing to the operationalization of the Engendered Strategy of the Economic Modernization Vision, a Collaboration & Evidence Hub Team will be established across the National Policy Directorate of MOPIC, Jordanian National Commission for Women (JNCW) and the Inter-ministerial Committee for Women’s Empowerment (IMC-W), to:

01 Foster collaboration & partnerships among government, CSOs, and development partners

02 Promote behavioral change: Support initiatives for egalitarian attitudes towards women's work, through informational & behavioral campaigns, assessing impact and reach. in addition to incorporate, test, and assess behavioral science-informed interventions for potential scale-up.

03 Ensure evidence-based learning: Data-driven analysis, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning, Communication & Knowledge Sharing.  

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