About Reform Secretariat


The Reform Secretariat was established late 2019 to support the implementation of the Reform Matrix following its launch during the London Initiative Conference “Jordan: Growth and Opportunities” in February 2019.


Putting Jordan on a path to stronger growth 


Contribute to putting Jordan on a new growth path increases the efficiency of the public sector, promotes economic stability and provides additional jobs.

  •  Transparency
  •  Collaboration, Coordination and Engagement
  •  Inclusion and Equity



Facilitate, coordinate and support the implementation of economic and structural reforms, in particular those included in the Reform Matrix (2018-2024) by providing the necessary technical assistance to the Government of Jordan’s implementing agencies.



Coordinate between the Government of Jordan’s implementing agencies and development partners to ensure implementation and alignment of donor programs with national priorities.



Consult with relevant stakeholders periodically to prioritize economic reforms.


Conduct periodic review of the Reform Matrix in line with national priorities and the implications of any exceptional circumstance.


Lead on international indicators pertaining to investment climate and Women, Business and the Law.

icon Additionally, the Reform Secretariat manages the implementation of various World Bank operations including Strengthening Reform Management Project, Inclusive, Transparent and Climate Responsive Investments Program for Results, Economic Opportunities for Jordanians and Syrian Refugees Program for Results, and Equitable Growth and Job Creation Development Policy Loan.

icon Finally, the Reform Secretariat is the focal point from the Government of Jordan side for the Jordan Inclusive Growth and Economic Opportunities Multi-Donor Trust Fund which is managed by the World Bank Group, Co-Chaired by the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, and currently funded by the governments of United Kingdom, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, and Norway.

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