Expand and Improve Social Safety Nets to Better Protect the Poor and Vulnerable

The Government of Jordan is making efforts to promote more inclusive growth and reduce the impact of certain fiscal reforms, including increases in the price of electricity and water, the Government expanded and improved the social safety net to better protect the less privileged and to facilitate their transition out of poverty, including doubling the National Aid Fund beneficiaries who receive cash transfers, and improving its targeting of assistance to poor families and making it more cost effective. It aims to expand coverage to more families, with the goal of reducing poverty by 35 percent.

Reform Area


2018 – 2023

NAF’s new Takaful cash transfer program (2019 - 2021) launched and expanded

NAF uses Takaful platform to provide emergency cash transfers to households affected by the pandemic (2020-2021)

Takaful targeting methodology revised based on findings from the targeting evaluation

Re-certification data collection for NAF old beneficiaries finalized

Takaful beneficiaries re-certified using improved Takaful formula

NAF beneficiaries migration to Takaful program initiated

Needs based electricity support targeting mechanism approved

Needs based water delivery targeting mechanism approved

Reduce cost of energy on vulnerable populations (‘Solar to the poor’ project)

”Solar to the Poor” project extended (2022)

”Solar to the Poor” project extended (2023)

National Social Protection Strategy (NSPS) (2019 - 2025) endorsed and implemented

Strategy workplan and funding analysis produced and endorsed by steering committee

NSPS three pillars action plans and activities reviewed with all strategy stakeholders based on national priorities to respond to the covid – 19 crises

NSPC action plan updated based on the review of the strategy

Development of a unified reporting mechanism as part of a monitoring and evaluation system for the NSPS initiated

An analytical dashboard study for the NSPS completed

Development of a new pillar on shock responsiveness under the NSPS initiated

NSPC annual report for 2022 released

Economic Empowerment Program for vulnerable population approved and NUR launched Direct integration between NAF MIS and PSPs to improve payment disbursement process and accountability

Economic Empowerment Program for vulnerable populations financed and implemented

NUR for social protection plan endorsed

In Progress


NAF beneficiaries migrated to Takaful program

NUR operationalized as single assistance gateway

NSPC action plan and achievements reviewed

NSPS dashboard developed 

Generate automated regular reports on NSPS

National protection strategy’s shock responsive pillar developed

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