Deepen Access to Finance from Banks and Non-bank Financial Institutions

The development of robust capital markets yields positive outcomes for the economy. By improving access to finance, the government will contribute to the empowerment of entrepreneurs, encourage investment, and stimulate economic activity. Furthermore, the development of capital markets has enhanced liquidity, boosted investor confidence, and provided new avenues for businesses to raise capital.

Therefore, the Government of Jordan is committed to foster greater access to finance and capital markets through several reforms. This pillar focuses on the credit infrastructure framework and accessibility to diverse sources of financing for a wider set of people.

Through these reforms, the government is nurturing a dynamic business landscape that drives economic prosperity and opportunities for all.

Reform Area


2018 – 2023

Insolvency Law and Bylaws enacted

Secured Lending Law and Bylaws enacted

Venture Capital Law and Bylaws enacted

Public Financial Management Strategy endorsed

Financial Inclusion (2018 – 2020) Strategy endorsed

Financial Literacy program for MSMEs launched

Insolvency Instructions enacted

Insolvency regulations reviewed

Digital insolvency registration system launched

Financial Inclusion Strategy (2023 – 2028) launched

Reform Area


2018 – 2023

Banking Law amendments enacted

JLGC further capitalized, to support trade financing, and board restructured with independent directors

DFS policy framework developed

Secured Transaction Bylaw enacted

Green Bonds Guideline issued

Financing Companies Bylaw enacted

In Progress


National Green Taxonomy developed

Reform Area


2018 – 2023

Marketing and Sale of Foreign Securities instructions issued

Amended Corporate Governance for Public and Private Shareholding Companies Registered Securities Commission instructions issued

Amended Licensing and Accreditation of Financial Services at Jordan Securities Commission legislations issued

In Progress


Capital Adequacy and Solvency Criteria of Financial Services Companies legislations issued

Market based lending, borrowing and short selling mechanism enacted

Amended Regulating Trading in Foreign Stock Exchanges instructions issued

Duties of Directors of Financial Services Companies instructions issued

Amended Capital Adequacy and Solvency Criteria of Financial Services Companies instructions issued

New Securities Law and bylaws enacted

Mutual Investment Companies legislations issued

Public Acquisition Offer legislations issued

Control and Supervision Over public Shareholding Companies and Private Shareholding Companies with Securities Listed in the Financial Market legislations issued

Amended Licensing, and Accreditation of Financial Services and its Regulation instructions issued

Amended Disclosure of Issuing Companies, Accounting and Auditing Standards instructions issued

Disclosure of Inside Information and Prevention of Insider Dealing instructions issued

Duties of Licensee and Accredited Person instructions issued

Short-Selling Instructions issued

Exchange Traded Funds instructions issued

Issuance and Registration of Securities instructions issued

Amended Share Repurchase by Public Shareholding Companies instructions issued

Corporate governance Instructions for registered public and private shareholding companies amended

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